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Scott Cassie is a full time documentary wedding film maker based in the Aberdeen area.

Buchan Braes Wedding / Jodie + Adam

When Jodie and Adam came by the studio for our pre-wedding meeting I just couldn't read Adam at all. On the other hand Jodie, whom I had met before, was super excited and full of energy. 

But actually when it came down to the ceremony and speeches - the two parts of the day where emotions cannot hide - Adam showed a side of himself that I suspect he likes to keep under lock and key when he can. His true feelings about how much he cares for Jodie, and what it meant to have close family & friends alongside. For that I have much respect for you Adam. And you even said ‘on behalf of my wife and I’, after much debate lol.

Onto Jodie. This girl can light up a room with her smile. She has such a friendly and inviting nature, you can't help but get swept along. It was like filming the wedding of a dear friend!

With the weather not working for us, Jules from JM Design was on the ball coming up with a gameplan for the photoshoot - scouting locations and making the most of any natural light for the romantic shots. Check out her page for the fab images!

It was such a laugh with Jodie + Adam throughout the day. Although their personalities differ, they do have similar values and outlooks. They appreciate family time, don't take life too serious, understand the importance of humour in a marriage, and they never seem stressed or flustered.

My best wishes to a great couple! Looking forward to seeing you again for Jodie’s brother’s wedding next year!

Supplier List

Venue - Buchan Braes

Photography - JM Style

Hair - Sima Morrice

Make-up - Stacey Bruce

Flowers - Flower Shed

Decor - North East Events

Flooring + Uplighters - Drummond Events


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