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Scott Cassie is a full time documentary wedding film maker based in the Aberdeen area.

Cortes House Wedding / Emma + Ryan

Possibly the most fun I've ever had at a wedding!

The day started with me feeling rather tender (had sickness + diarrhoea the day before). But during the prep we had such an enjoyable morning. The Disney playlist was on, Francine (make-up) and David (photographer) were singing along with the bridal party. I'm not a Disney dude, so just stuck to my usual cheeky chip-ins. The sun was shining nice and bright, not a cloud to be seen. This always brings out the best in the guests - having a good time, not caring about being filmed. So we had the foundation set for a great wedding day.

Emma walked up the aisle, well up the steps in fact. Getting married in the middle of Cortes house's spiral staircase proved to be an awesome choice. The lighting was beautiful, guests around us and look down from above. There are two highlights from the ceremony for me. Sister of the bride, Rachael, performed a cracking reading. I say performed as she is definitely from a theatre background. And the happy couple's exit was like something out of a movie! They walked down the stairs together as the guests above them serenaded them in bubbles! It was such a treat for the eye!

Hanging out on the front lawn with the guests and happy couple was such a treat. Smiles everywhere, drink flowing, sun shining, not a care in the world. Well...except for those guests listening to the cup final game - Aberdeen V Celtic! Tensions were mounting amongst the gentlemen huddled around phones. Can't forget to mention the row of elderly guests who all fell backwards off their chairs and into a bush - one of the strangest things I've seen. Luckily, nobody was hurt.

It was a unique vendor meal experience. Sitting with the photographer and band in the glorious sunshine having a fab meal. Great laughs, a spot of guitar playing and footie too. Wish it was always like this!

Speeches were fantastic. I almost shed a tear when Rachael gave her speech. I think everyone in the room certainly did. The band were amazing. They played some tunes that you just don't hear at a wedding - Green Day, Foo Fighters, Blink 182! It got the bride + groom + chums jumping and dancing away.

All-round awesome day!

My best wishes to a sweet, loving, and super happy couple!

Supplier List

Venue: Cortes House

Photographer: David Lozowy

Make-up: Francine Ray

Band: Phase 4

Catering: Country Flavours

Flowers: Flowers by Kay

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