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Scott Cassie is a full time documentary wedding film maker based in the Aberdeen area.

Drumtochty Castle Wedding / Katy + Sam

It took a long time before I first filmed a wedding at Drumtochty Castle. After a few years of hearing about it I was starting to think it must be a myth. But finally the day came when we booked in a Drumtochty wedding - it felt like a rite of passage!

Fast-forward to the present day and it’s luckily one of the venues I get to frequent. When you first catch a glimpse of the castle as you drive up it reminds you of something out of a fairytale. And of course, what bride can't resist being in her own fairytale!

And this one features Sam as prince charming, and Katy as the beautiful princess. I didn't meet them until the day of the wedding, but we quickly hit it off and had such a laugh throughout the day - courtesy of Logan Sangster (really need to buy him a pint with all the commissions he sends my way!).

It was a nice change to have Katy and her bridesmaids sitting round a table doing their own make-up together. Sometimes during the morning preps there can be a bit of disconnect with the girls separated, or spread out. But it was good to see the close bond that sitting around the table generated, making it much more of shared experience. And that then continued into the rest of the day.

At first Sam seemed reluctant to be on film, but slowly managed to get a few shots of him getting ready. And by the time the ceremony arrived he was way more relaxed - and revealed himself as a cool, laid-back guy. Katy in full bridal gown looked absolutely stunning, and I totally agree with Sam when he said she could be a model.

The ceremony was short, but fab - the way it should be in my book! The happy couple seemed so chuffed to be standing at the ‘altar’ together, the moment that set this whole wedding train in motion has arrived.

So after sealing their vows with a kiss it’s time to get outside and celebrate with their wedding guests. This is always my fav part of the day, but it’s also the hardest to capture. Little moments of hugging, kissing, smiles, and tears can happen so quick that you need the reflexes of a cat. And video is a slow moving medium - you need to capture a good few seconds of any moment, unlike the split-second nature of photography. But lady luck was on my side and managed to capture some great wee moments throughout the afternoon.

Next thing I know I’m smuggling myself into the back of the groom’s car as we head down to the lake for some couple pictures. We had such a laugh, ‘drunk’ on the excitement that only a wedding day can bring. Logan captured some awesome photos, and enjoyed seeing his photo collage on Facebook - check it out!

Sam is totally smitten with his Katy. That came across during the photoshoot, and again with the words he expressed during the wedding speeches. Katy is likewise heads over heels for Sam. The way she looked at him as he did his speech, and also on the dance floor as they shared in their first dance. These two are completely happy and in love.

My best wishes to you both!

Supplier List

Photographer: Deeside Photographics

Venue: Drumtochty Castle

Hair: Riah Hair

Flowers: Hays Flowers

Cake: Laura Lane

25 Still-Frames