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Scott Cassie is a full time documentary wedding film maker based in the Aberdeen area.

Fasque House Wedding / Rhea-Michelle + Gary

Fasque House and myself have a habit of providing rainy weddings! It was becoming the norm to pack my jacket in the car when heading down to this lovely venue. Not as a 'just incase', but more like an essential. But finally, let there be sun!

Ok, so the wind was a bit tricky at times, but I'm taking this.

It was really great meeting the two most important people in Rhea-Michelle and Gary's lives, their son Tyler and daughter Piper in the morning. One of my priorities was to make sure I got plenty of good footage of them throughout the day. From getting ready, to eating ice cream and bike riding, I'm chuffed with what was captured. My standout moment was the first dance where the four of them danced together - such serenity and love.

The level of decor and detail was a feast for the eyes. Beautiful flowers and vintage touches, this surely has to be the most stunning visual weddings I've seen. To take a venue the scale of Fasque and turn it into your own unique environment shows the imagination of the couple, and the skill of the many vendors involved. Hats off!

When looking over the footage it was amazing to see the way Gary looked at Rhea-Michelle, in his eyes you could easily see that he adores his new wife. And this was none more evident than during the vows when the emotions poured out as he spoke his vows. In the background Rhea-Michelle's dad also couldn't contain his feelings as he fought back the tears - this for me is one of the most beautiful moments I have ever witnessed & captured.

In the afternoon the guests enjoyed plenty of drinks, tasty ice cream, and lovely weather. The atmosphere was so laid back, like a huge garden party.

My all-time highlight of the day was the speeches. They were all amazing - full of laughter and tears, heartfelt words, and warm emotions. It definitely made the task of creating the short wedding film hard!

Rhea-Michelle and Gary make a great match, and with their two adorable kids, they have a fantastic base for their married life together.

My best of wishes to you all! x

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