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Scott Cassie is a full time documentary wedding film maker based in the Aberdeen area.

Meldrum House Wedding / Anna + Allan

I never check the weather forecasts before a wedding, for three reasons. Number 1 - they are often wrong. Number 2 - someone else will check it anyway. Number 3 - there's nothing we can do about the weather. Luckily we dodged the rain for most of Anna + Allan's big day, defying the so-called forecasts!

The day before I attended the rehearsal at the church. It was great meeting all the major players involved in our couple's bridal party. But even more so it was great to meet a minister who was accommodating, respectful, and down-to-earth. He asked what my needs were, making sure that the video wasn't compromised too much. Such a relief after my last few church wedding experiences!

During the morning prep we had the pleasure of seeing make-up artist Kim's newborn son. He was definitely making a few of us broody (don't tell my wife). I really enjoyed the footage of Anna in her dress getting buttoned up by mum, it's one of those moments when you realise, "it's real, this is happening!"

Outside the church there was a nice gathering of guests in a tight space, the church is right next to a country road. These situations is where my style excels, documentary shooting at it's purest.

The ceremony was intimate but serious, well until Anna got a bit tongue-tied during her vows and brought the house down in laughter. It always nice to have an ice breaker, especially in a church setting which can feel stuffy and formal.

It was then onto Meldrum House for the wedding reception. Time was tight, so the photoshoot began immediately and I divided my time between filming that and capturing guests mingling downstairs.

The speeches were spot-on. Concise but full of lovely and funny words. Allan had me chuckling quite a few times during his groom's speech. To conclude this part of the day, one of the junior bridesmaids sang a rendition of 'Thinking Out Loud', a complete surprise to the bride + groom.

Unfortunately for me I quickly fell ill during the wedding meal. Head pounding, dizziness, and vomiting. I was just in no condition to carry on. Anna and Allan were most understanding of the situation - many thanks folks! Luckily through a close network of local videographers coverage of the first dance was sorted.

A big shout out to Meldrum House, my wife Rebecca, Andy Sawers, and Alistair + Kelly of Flat 4D Media for coming to my rescue - I owe you guys!

And of course my biggest thanks to Anna + Allan for inviting me into their awesome day! I had such a fab time, until after the speeches that is! Best wishes folks!

Supplier List

Ceremony Venue: Blairdaff Church

Reception Venue: Meldrum House

Photography: Martin Leckie

Make-up: Kim Alexander

Decoration: Fairytale Events

Flowers: Dolce Vita

Band: Jive Candy

25 Freeze-Frames